the chemire cat

Yes our band is called The Back Doors…

:tells his children about the story of johnny potseed:

I fucking love California and I’ve been in solitude for 4-something years in California.  

I haven’t even yet really seen the best Cali has to offer and I am saying something.

I think that is saying something. 

Awake again.  Clearing out nasal passages a bit.  About to get stoned.  

I love skirts.

I love skirts.

The adderall was nice, it enhanced sensation for a while.  Wish Jack had been in the mood.  or I had someone who was in the mood, cause I would have fucked like a machine with soul.  :p 

Off to refill my tea.  Probably sleeping soon.


Fuck alcohol.

May I state it once more?


Fuck alcohol.

Can I say it one more time?


Fuck alcohol.

I haven’t ejaculated in 3 days.