the chemire cat

Electrikmoonlight, I want to cuddle.

I am so tired of burning the fuck up. 

Smoke weed with me…Weed…

Without weed you do understand I would be long since dead of a suicide, right?


it’s a beautiful day to give me money

Everyday I wake up hoping to die.
Bastille (What Would You do)

Maybe SOME people think life is just one big HUGE JOKE to make at the expense of anyone and everyones’ feelings.  BUT I don’t think life is a big fucking joke, you can call me Mr. Party Pooper if you like it is fine.  Either way I am not here to FUCK AROUND AND JOKE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES’ GENUINE FEELINGS LIKE A WICKED LITTLE BITCH.

So there.

In fact I will fucking wipe the smiles and laughter right off your fucking faces for not understanding where I am coming from, and respecting the fact that BULLYING is the last thing I need, cause all I need is HELP—assistance THROUGH HELL. Compassion.  Love.  Care.

You give me none of this, instead you just are a bitch, a heartless little fucking wench who does not give a fuck about my feelings.


Little 15mg Adderall to tide me over/get me through work.

Little 15mg Adderall to tide me over/get me through work.