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More Facts on Psychofacts :)
Another symbol commonly used to represent the yoni of the Great Mother is the downward-pointing triangle. Similar in shape to a woman’s pubic mound, this is found at the entry point of many sacred sites and is closely related with the Asian goddess Cunti (also Candra or Cunda), a female deity in Buddhism who is an emanation of the Buddha Vajrasattva. From this name are derived such words as county, country, cunning, and cunt. Unlike modern day usage, cunt, historically, was not a word of derision but one of respect, honoring the embodiment of the Goddess within a woman. The same derivation gives us the word kin, or family, leading to the word kingdom, which denotes the domain of a king or queen. This confirms the importance of the matrilineal inheritance in ancient times, wherein the continuation of a family and its fruitfulness on all levels was seen to be totally dependent on a woman and her link to the Great Mother’s energy.
Christine R. Page - Healing Power of The Sacred Woman (via breathemystardust)

Everyone ready to tie dye ova…?

4 organic scrambled eggs cooked in organic butter with sea salt, basil, pepper, and rosemary.  A couple of organic carrots.

Feeling yawny…this is why I took the stim…got break from this bullshit…

The weed we have right now is meh..

Tried to sleep but walls paper thin and people fucking loud…So tired of living around this shit at night…


GDMN BATMIMBATMAN ADVENTURES: MAD LOVE (Feb. 1994)Art by Bruce Timm (pencils/inks) & Rick Taylor (colors)Words by Paul Dini


Art by Bruce Timm (pencils/inks) & Rick Taylor (colors)
Words by Paul Dini

All I know is love will save the day…


I miss dancing.  I went insane about it for a while.  Going to get back into it again.  I had a lot of fun listening to Madonna and dancing alone when I was in this huge MDNA mood a bit back..

Ate a really old banana.  The more patches of black etc. it gets the greater the banana’s Cancer Fighting Property (CFP).  It tasted kind of like fruit bubblegum.

Now, I realized I hadn’t had honey all day so I had some organic honey.

Next I am smoking a bit.

Om namah shivaya.

Om shiva shankara hari hari ganja

Sri kali shakti hari hari ganja om.

Om kreem kalikaye namaha.