the chemire cat

Sep 18


Who keeps grabbing my ass all the time?!

I’m going to push something up against the wall, and fuck it like I’m a serial killer eating his last meal.  And what I push up against the wall is most definitely going to be an inanimate object, but you see my belief is that inanimate objects have sexual dimensions too, and my feeling is that i help bring out the sexual dimension to the inanimate objects.  Plus I get to have a funny kind of pathetic celibacy where I am fucking anything but actual persons but in all actuality am probably fucking all the time in dreams (if I could ever remember them that is)..

Once upon a time cock got cunt envy.  Cunt created the baby, cock merely gave sperm towards its birth.  Cock was jealous, and so it changed all the literature and culture on the subject to reflect that cock was cunt.  But cock was still a cock, and not to mention an asshole of the variety no one would fuck.  Eventually, after what seemed like aeons of oppressing cunt, cock admitted that it was not cunt and cunt admitted it wasn’t cock.  And cocks and cunts all over unified in the treaty of cunt and cock.  Orgasms were felt all around the world as men put down their guns to put to use other guns.  

What is sleep?!


What women do all the time when they wake up and see me suffering.  


What women do all the time when they wake up and see me suffering.  

A took a hit so big that, even though it was a bubbler, I quacked like a duck while holding it on the left side of my throat..Still kinda burns..

A bit of late-night cleaning.

Some sage smoke.

Chamomile tea 

Cleaned the fuck out of the bubbler.  Hits like the shit now.  

Getting stoned.