the chemire cat

Apr 16

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I taste the subtle flavor of innumerable vaginas,

I feel the needful pressing of innumerable cocks,

I taste the subtle flavors of a million different seminal fluids

I taste the subtle flavors of a million different asses.

We are the slutans of wings..

Society, when healthy, is a necessary binding structure of the human existence.
Society, when unhealthy, must seek balance between the individual and the collective.
When a few sick individuals control the collective by monetary chains of enslavement, more individuals than just a few become bound to this sick structure.
Therefore, due to a few individuals, the collective becomes sick.
Liberation when society is sick is ergo necessary, for liberation is individual freedom from sick binding structures..balancing the relation between collective and individual..

Apr 15

In the book of back doors you must know an ass like you know a face.
Faceless is that book of the behinds. 
All one has to go by is the back doors of perception.

Can you put a name to a gluteus maximus?  

I had a hard day, 
Life has had its way
So can I just say
I want to have my way
With you

Your attitude fills me with gratitude
I won’t fire the gun, but I’ll stab the mullet’s edge within
Deeper and deeper
Less sleepier and less sleepier

I will check and balance these words
To not cause undue hurt
Thanks to what you said 
in so many lyrics.

I will remember your unrelenting optimism 
As you help me forget pain
and we move beyond my crying rain.

My love is strong, so it needn’t be contained, restrained,
but wild and free of itself, it explains,
You’ve got banging bangs of fiery hair
Trouble without a needless care.
Naked in mind, beyond distance we entwine.

Dress me up in your love,
Both below and above.
I want to see
what your sense of style
draws out of me.

From the distance, a hug.
And respect of your wishes,
and well-wishes to you.
I’ll love you up in my dress,
Up in my love, you dress
me in dressing.

Fuck me astrally she said to me,
Do with me what you will she said
So I took her to the vessel of
our distant beds
to travel beyond time.
Should we meet, my love beeseech
with a loving stinger, and I have my way with you
doing what I want to do
our minds blew,
I want to please you.
It’s about you too.
You can do to me
what you want to do, 

The Justice Georgetanner is residing,
and your ass is sliding
for a little riding
of the gavel gravel.
Your way with words
drives me insane,
the way you dance
has me already laid
without a touch
or seeing too much.
In a dream I saw your face
and awoke to lose my seed:
many a men may call thee
a suckubus, 
but to this incubated incubus of loveful lust
you are too succulous.
If you need me you know I’m a phone call away,
I’d never hurt you like so many others did.