the chemire cat

Apr 23

Who will smoke weed with me tonight at the distance…?!

Apr 22

Past three days have taken daytime off from smoking weed, with little to no chocolate. 

Today I am breathing up and down the channel most of the time, intention of love, building strength.

Tonight any and all who want to smoke ganja with me let me know, we shall.

Feeling ecstastic!  Air was fucking dry as all fucker fuck yesterday, but today it’s cooler + less dry!  :)

Apr 20

Apr 19

I am the only one who’d fuck me, and let’s keep it that way.

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I clean the bathroom…they just leave their facial hair in the fucking sink.
I clean up the yard, he just throws shit on the ground again.
And me, I am  too much of corpse to fucking do what is needed just to not live around this BS anymore.
Not trying to be an asshole, but I enjoyed when he was in fucking jail.

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Achy today..did a few chores…now horny as fuck..